Before visiting please check prices by phone or via e-mail.

Additional services price – negotiable.

Homestead internal rules.

Residential house

Accommodation for 16 and more persons.

from 170 EUR/day

Hot Tub

Hot Tub installed under the roof, so weather conditions will not prevent  to enjoy the relaxation.

Accommodates 8-10 persons.

50 EUR/per evening


Russian sauna.

Accommodates 10 persons.


Accommodates up to 20 persons.


5x9m2 asphalt lot, professional equipment.

Beach volleyball

Professional equipment.


Amateur and professional will be able not to miss an workout, there is always a coach.

Outdoor training course

You'll find everything in here : tires, hammers and chains, etc., etc...

Tents area

For 10 tents.

With the possibility to expand to 100 or more tents + outdoor kitchen.

Active leasure

Hiking in the woods.

"Myself and my endurance test", individual trail and complexity. Groups of 5-10 persons.


Active leasure

Kayaks in lakes and rivers  (ask for the route). Only during the warm season.


Massage (on call)

Performs classical therapeutic and relaxing massage.


*- The final price agreed in discussion (depends of amount of purshased services).