In a quiet forest, “Muse” river is flowing, between old manor and mill stands beautifull homestead, active all year round and waiting for each of you!

Homestead arranged with quiet and active recreation areas, so everyone will find something to do and really eventfully spend their free time: hot tub, sauna, arbor, basketball and volleyball courts, a gym and an outdoor training course. Hiking, gym and water courses are organized.

Area is suitable for for seminars, conferences, camps: within the territory of the homestead river fly fishing (50m berth), the forest is very beautiful and historically important. In the forests there is a lot of berries (strawberry, raspberry ,blueberry, lingonberry) , mushrooms.

    The homestead has:
  • 16 and more beds
  • Pavilion area for 10 tents (with the possibility to expand to 100 or more tents)
    Nearby water areas:
  • 400m. "Muse" river dam
  • 800m. The river "Varene", intersects with the "Muse" river
  • 3km. "Genioniu" Lake
  • 3km. "Pabezdninku" Lake
  • 4km. "Lynelio" Lake

At least for a while forget everyday worries and enjoy a relaxing vacation!